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Mina puts jimmy's hands up...
2566 CBT And Ballbusting Mina puts jimmy's hands up above his head on a winch and squeezes his balls that are secured in silicone ball stretching bands. She squeezes them roughly through the tight openings, and then ties them back up again tightly with rough hemp string.
Goddess Soma is very skilled in...
2057 Flogged Goddess Soma is very skilled in flogging
Mean Handjobs
Mean Handjobs
Mean Girls giving femdom handjobs: ballbusting, pegging, forced and ruined orgasms!
The ballbusting girls will beat...
Real girls bust your NUTS The ballbusting girls will beat your balls in just for a warm up! Groin pain is what these hot babes are all about. They will see that your balls suffer from extreme kicks, punches, slaps, grabs, squeezes, and bites! The ball kicking girls love to get creative when busting balls. They want you to enjoy these free ballbusting pictures and hope you feel the pain in your testicles!
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Dick Torment  
New Balls  
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Olivia teases him with her body...
Taking his Balls 76 Olivia teases him with her body, and starts to lube up his cock. She tells him how she never was happy with the sex, he's a mamma's boy, and she's going to take his balls with her when she leaves.
Isabella Amour punishes a slacking...
Brutal BallBusting Isabella Amour punishes a slacking working with devastating groin kicks
Isabella Amour punishes a slacking...
Brutal BallBusting Isabella Amour punishes a slacking working with devastating groin kicks
Catherine deSade has her slave in a...
CBT And Ballbusting Catherine deSade has her slave in a very difficult position to maintain. With him gagged, bound, and exposed Catherine puts clover clamps between his nipples and ear lobes, all the while she teases and inflicts pain on him that he can barely handle.
Still searching for what's...
CBT And Ballbusting Still searching for what's wrong with slave jimmy, Nurse Goddess Soma uses sounds of varying sizes, probing and prodding inside of his cock. After carefully and sadistically sliding metal medical rods down her slave's cock, Nurse Soma rips out the excess hair on his genitals with tweezers.
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PVC Passions  
We found a few never released...
CBT And Ballbusting We found a few never released videos in a our archives! Here is a hot sounding scene of Mistress Amber and Mistress Hunter. Mistress Amber has a guy sitting on the couch between her and Mistress Hunter.
Mz. Berlin does electrical torture...
CBT And Ballbusting Mz. Berlin does electrical torture by taking a zapper to her slave's cock, nipples, and even makes him lick the tips, causing him to shock himself. Mz. Berlin warms him up with a little more whipping with a dragon tail, before his next surprise.
Annika tries sounding a slave for...
CBT And Ballbusting Annika tries sounding a slave for her first time. She gets curious after using a regular sounding rod in his cock, and tries something else. She tries to shove her pinky finger down his cock, and then plays with a urethral plug on him. Finally she slides an electric sound down his cock and turns up the voltage.
With slave william hunched over...
CBT And Ballbusting With slave william hunched over, Femdom Kat ties up his balls with a string long enough to go up his ass, over his shoulders, and attaches it to his toes.

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Smashing Your Balls
You are in for some real hardcore ball busting tonight, boy, because I brought two of my hot friends along and all three of us are going to wail on your little balls at the same time. The kicks in the nuts aren't going to stop coming because once one hits there are two more right behind it. Your balls are going to be bruised and useless by the time we get through with you. The look on your face when a nice hard kick connects is just priceless. In fact I think we should video tape the three of us pounding your nuts so we can all sit around and watch you screaming like a little girl whenever we want. We should make a whole series with nothing but you getting your balls abused. How does that sound?
Ballbusting Pleasures
Gorgeous and Merciless Ballbusters. Kicking, slapping, stretching and trampling...
Using a pully system on his ball...
CBT And Ballbusting Using a pully system on his ball bondage, Aiden Starr immobilizes Kade, and then doubles up a metal cock cage and a rooster cage on his cock, twisting them against each other cruelly. She teases his erection with a hitachi, trying to get his erection back. She can't so she hangs heavy locks from each of his ball pulleys.
Dick Torment  
Dick Torment  
Empress Hikari has a new slave, and...
CBT And Ballbusting Empress Hikari has a new slave, and she is less than thrilled with his behavior. He infuriates her by picking up the wrong type of rubber bands on his trip to the office supply store, and his refusal to walk hunched over, the way she believes all men should. She punishes him in several different ways for his bad behavior.
Brutal Bitch
Brutal BallBusting Brutal Bitch
High Class Ball Kicker
Brutal BallBusting High Class Ball Kicker
Goddess Starli has an anal virgin...
CBT And Ballbusting Goddess Starli has an anal virgin to play with. She starts small and works her way up to shoving bigger and bigger anal toys in his ass. She eventually straps on a cock and fucks him like the little ass whore he has become. Of course she doesn't forget to send a little pain to his cock and balls either. ;)
Goddess Starli enjoys nothing more...
CBT And Ballbusting Goddess Starli enjoys nothing more than dominating a guy in a wrestling match. Starli shows off her moves as she dominates a guy, and she loves to play dirty. She gets the guy in a hold and grabs him by his balls to make sure he won't fight back.
She jerks, bounces, dances, knees...
Required Ejaculation 88 She jerks, bounces, dances, knees, kicks. Derek can't hold out any longer. He really wants to keep his balls but she jerks his cum out of him.
Hunter returns for her second time...
CBT And Ballbusting Hunter returns for her second time to CBTandBallbusting, this times she brings her girlfriend Victoria along. They are super cute and are still learning the ropes when it comes to domming. They come in with an antique medical electric device.
Catherine shows off her new tool...
CBT And Ballbusting Catherine shows off her new tool, something normally used to cut off the top of soft boiled eggs, as the spikes dig into her new slave's dick. With his dick in a cock cage, she puts a condom over it and snaps it on the tip over and over. Catherine switches between torturing and rewarding, biting and snapping the condom then putting the vibrator on his cock. After tormenting him, she eventually lets him cum from the vibrator.
Femdom Nyxon gets a chance to test...
CBT And Ballbusting Femdom Nyxon gets a chance to test slave william's ability to get kicked over and over in his balls. Nyxon kicks, knees, and punches william's balls relentlessly.
Infuriated her slave would dare...
CBT And Ballbusting Infuriated her slave would dare cheat on her by seeing another Mistress, Femdom Nightshade does some serious damage to his ego and his balls. She forces him to hold still and retain certain positions without physical bondage only to give him the most intense ballbusting session we've ever seen!
Once Madison Young has jimmy tied...
CBT And Ballbusting Once Madison Young has jimmy tied down to the bondage bed, she has his balls clamped into a metal and acrylic ball crusher. She puts her heel on the acrylic plate and crushes his balls. She screws the plates down even tighter. She places chinese suction cups strategically on his body and then vibes his cock with a large vibrator.
Ballbusting Pornstars
Ballbusting Pornstars
These beautiful pornstars love femdom, ballbusting, foot fetish cumshots, male humiliation, and castration!
Simone Kross' next surprise is...
CBT And Ballbusting Simone Kross' next surprise is the Juicer which Simone nicknames once she puts it on kade's balls. With it, Simone slowly squeezes kade's balls tighter and tighter. All the while, Simone has his cock tied down to a CBT board and crimps his cock with what looks like a giant nutcracker.
RyAnne has her slave strung up by...
CBT And Ballbusting RyAnne has her slave strung up by his hands as she slips his cock and balls into a metal cage. RyAnne then shoves an anal hook in his ass and ties it up to the ceiling. Next RyAnne ties rope around his balls and hangs weights from them to pull his balls down towards the ground.
CeCe Stone has a ball crushing her...
Brutal BallBusting CeCe Stone has a ball crushing her slaves nuts with her hard kick
Madison Young puts a parachute on...
CBT And Ballbusting Madison Young puts a parachute on jimmy's balls and ties a rope through the bottom chain. She lays down to masturbate while she tugs on his balls with her free hand. She strokes his cock until he cums so he can have one final pleasure before his sacrifice. To prepare him for his final sacrifice, she ties his balls in string so they are a neat little package. She pulls out the Burdizzo and slips his balls between it's teeth. She counts down, 3, 2, 1! and she clamps down hard on his balls.
Elise Graves has her slave bent...
CBT And Ballbusting Elise Graves has her slave bent over backwards and attaches heavy weights on a pulley to her slave's balls. This is his very first CBT experience, so he has never felt this kind of pain before. He came back for more as soon as he could.
Two Bad Nurses High Res Pics
Amber's Dungeon Two Bad Nurses High Res Pics
The Audition
Kinky Kicks The Audition
Dick Torment  
The Audition
Kinky Kicks The Audition
Dick Torment  
Dick Torment  
Lidia Love gets slave boy Eric in...
Brutal BallBusting Lidia Love gets slave boy Eric in chains and sadistically punishes his cock and balls
Secret Staffing
Kinky Kicks Secret Staffing
A black dom bitch wears a deceptive...
Brutal BallBusting A black dom bitch wears a deceptive smile--her intentions are not to please but to bite and bring pain
Ball kicking, crushing and cock...
Real girls bust your NUTS Ball kicking, crushing and cock trampling in high heels
Resolution Reality
Kinky Kicks Resolution Reality
Femdom Hunter does her first...
CBT And Ballbusting Femdom Hunter does her first ballbusting session. She has her slave up against a pillar and kicks him from behind right in his balls. She then puts him on his hands and knees to get some solid kicks before she gets down and punches him for a different kind of ballbusting. After that she puts him on his back and continues to grab and punch his balls over and over. This is a great first time ballbusting scene.
Dick Torment  
Girls Night Out - Bare Bust!
Kinky Kicks Girls Night Out - Bare Bust!
Bangers & Smash!
Kinky Kicks Bangers & Smash!
Dick Torment  
Girls Night Out - Booze Bribe
Kinky Kicks Girls Night Out - Booze Bribe

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This Gallery about ball busting, cock torture and penis abuse. Hot Dommes busting nude balls! Torturing cock and balls makes her really horny! Brutal ball torture you will enjoy thoroughly! Savor our exclusive hi-res femdom ballbusting vids! Ultimate CBT, femdom and ballbusting paradise. Get amazed at every new ballbusting story we publish! No matter how hard you are trying to please them, your cock are doomed! Download CBT video clips! Free Porn Movies
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